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  1. If your site is an archive (that is, contains the works of many different authors), you will probably not be accepted. The problem is that an archive contains different levels of quality, and we can't make a blanket judgment; it's impossible for us to accept a site if some of the fics are presentable but the rest are not.

    Now, having an archive does not mean we automatically reject your site; it just means that you have to have excellent standards for submission and that none of the fics there break the following rules. Suffice it to say that your archive site will have to have submission rules that are similar - or at least as stringent - as that of the GFWR.

  2. Your fanfiction MUST be finished. Now, this rule can be bent sometimes, but only for very special circumstances; for example, if you have an entire page of fanfiction, then at least something there must be completed, even if all of them are not. This is to (a) prevent permanently unfinished works from getting into the ring (because we all know what it's like to start something and then never finish it), and (b) ensure that the quality of the story will be maintained from the beginning through to the end. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask us.

  3. Quality of plot line. The story must have originality, creativity, and show some effort of thought. NO PLAGIARISM OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED.

  4. Quality of character usage. The characters you use in your story - whether original or borrowed - must be more than two-dimensional. We encourage you to try to get into the minds and emotions of your muses, and if at all possible PLEASE STAY IN CHARACTER. For example: it's fine if you have a well-written fic in which Wufei shows a hint of compassion. It is not fine to have him randomly crying at the drop of a hat because somebody hurt his feelings.

  5. Humor is wonderful - but watch the crudity. This is another common-sense rule; slapstick is FINE. Toilet humor on the level of a five year old boy's standards is not.

  6. Lemons, yaoi, etc. are welcome - but please, make it tasteful. Description that furthers the plot (such as it is) and emphasizes the passions of the characters is perfectly acceptable, as long as is it accompanied by appropriate warnings. However, this is a fine line to walk; sex scenes that are unwontedly gross or horrendously out of character or simply written to shock are not acceptable.

  7. You must either use correct grammatical structure or have a very good reason why you did not. In other words, it's alright if you begin your sentences with a conjunction for the sake of effect, impact, emphasis, whatever - but please, keep it within reason. If you don't understand basic principles such as plurarity in verb usage and where to put your modifiers, then perhaps you ought to do a bit more studying before you submit your fic.

  8. Your spelling must be accurate. This should really go without saying, but if your story has such things as, "U are tha gratest, Vejeeta" in it, then perhaps you ought to consider spell CHECKING before you submit. Advice: if you're not sure how to spell a word, go to There is an on-line dictionary and thesaurus, ready and waiting for use.

  9. Your site design must be easy to use and work on most browsers. The common sense factor here is simple: if your page works wonderfully in IE but crashes Firefox, then we have a problem. If the fanfiction section is hidden away five links from the main page and people can only find it by clicking on a trick button or reading your bio, then we have a problem. If the visual effect as a whole is blocky or it is written entirely in caps, then we have a problem. Our requirement here is very simple: make it easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. If you feel you need some help in this area, fear not: HTML Goodies (for beginners) or Dynamic Drive (for more advanced designers) are both available to help you with your problems.

  10. Your fics must be locally hosted. This may sound like an odd rule, but we've received quite a few submissions lately in which their sites are not actually hosted on their page, but on an archive such as This, unfortunately, conflicts very strongly with our first rule regarding archives.

  11. Once your page is added, you must display the webring code on the page linked. It doesn't have to be garish or obvious; there are many different ways to add this code. However, it is required that you have the webring links visible. People who clicked "next" to reach your site in the webring need to be able to reach the webring from your page, after all.

And there you have it. Common sense, simple standards that ought to be applied to ANY good fanfiction. Just do your best and remember that it's not the end of the world if you don't make it in.