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Main Cast (each name links to an image)

Caleb Temple - an unfortunate boy who discovers he is Lucas' illegitimate son only AFTER the family he's known all his life is completely destroyed - and then begins to discover just WHAT being the next male in the Buck family tree means....

Gail Emory - Caleb's cousin, visiting from another (larger) city because she thinks she smells a story in this town - and is totall unprepared for what skeletons she's going to be uncover.

Selena Coombs - Besmirched pastor's daugher and town whore, Selena also happens to be the teacher at the local middle school - and, to boot, a favorite tool of Sheriff Lucas Buck.

Matt Crower - A well meaning doctor who recently moved to Trinity after recovering from a bout of alcoholism that, combined with a car, killed both his wife and daughter. Yearning for atonement, Matt finds more evil-vs-good struggle in Trinity than he'd bargained for.

Ben Healy - Lucas' deputy and right-hand man. Ben, while not too bright, has a heart of gold; and when he begins to see things that don't add up, his conscience begins to bother him. Of course, in Trinity, listening to your conscience just might be the LAST thing you ever do.

Billy Peale - a medical specialist from Atlanta, come to investigate the odd, unnatural plague that spread through town a while back. One of the few who have the courage (or the stupidity) to stand up to Lucas, Billy takes a stand against the sheriff almost from day one - increasing the rift between Lucas and a few of his followers.

Loris Holt - Owner of a local boarding house, Loris is an older woman who well knows the ways of Trinity - and, to a certain extent, can hold her own. Currently the legal guardian of Cale, she's trying her best to keep him out of Lucas' hands - regardless of the cost to herself.

Floyd ? - Lucas' other deputy, Floyd is very loyal - even though he has the approximate mental capacity of an undernourished house plant. He only appears a few times in the series - which is fortunate, because he even bothers the inscrutable Sheriff Buck.

Merlyn Temple - Caleb's older half sister, Merly was driven mad quite a long time ago by witnessing the conception of her brother via a very forceful Lucas Buck - and now that she's dead, she's not a whole lot better. On the other hand, her goal is to keep Caleb from succumbing to his Buck heritage; considering what she's up against, one might argue that she really has a "ghost" of a chance.

Lucas Buck - The glue that holds the whole town of Trinity together. Officially the sheriff and unofficially the local warlock, Lucas exudes power and sensuality that immediately catch the attention of anyone around him; his manipulation and utter lack of conscience become apparent upon further scrutiny. Very few people dare to stand up against him; those who do, usually die - and the ones who don't often wish they did. What is goals are is not quite as clear; but one thing is most definitely for sure: the town of Trinity IS Lucas Buck; and if you forget it, he's likely to forget you - permanently.

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