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American Gothic was a television show created by actor/singer Shaun Cassidy and produced by Sam Raimi (yes, of Xena fame). Containing 22 episodes, the program aired on CBS from 1995-1996, and then was canceled after the first season; this was not due to a lack of interest.

Suffice it to say that American Gothic really, really did not fit the image CBS was trying to project.

American Gothic is set in the fictitious town of Trinity, South Carolina. It seems quite normal for a down-south kind of place; small, a little run-down, populated by poor people and old families who carry their pride in their blood. The population has plenty of the usual prejudices; anything "new" or "different" is usually not tolerated terribly well. But Trinity, South Carolina, has something that no other place has, either down south or anywhere else:

Sheriff Lucas Buck.

Lucas is not at all normal - not in any sense of the term. An attractive, cagey man, the good sheriff holds a tight and nearly perfect control over the town by means better suited to a Vincent Price movie than to America's Old South. He makes deals with the townsfolk; and at least in theory, everybody gets what they want.

In reality, it's best not to ask how Lucas Buck does the things he does - or even to question from where he gets his distinctly supernatural powers. People who ask such questions tend to disappear.

Add to this a varied and troubled cast of characters, plenty of Twilight Zone storylines, and a good dose of the sensual - and you have American Gothic.

There's absolutely nothing like it anywhere else.



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